Stearns and Foster Reserve Hepburn™ Plush Mattress


The Stearns & Foster Reserve Hepburn Plush Mattress has a velvet exterior made of navy upholstery-grade fabrics. This velvet exterior has premium detailing, which includes embroidery, velvet inset handles, and copper air vents. Inside it, lies the Indulge HD Memory Foam, the AirVent System, supported by the IntelliCoil technology. Together, it forms the Reserve Hepburn mattress that promotes a deep, and comfortable sleep.

The Reserve Hepburn Plush Mattress ensures a premium pressure relief and an elevated feel, thanks to the high density Indulge HD Memory Foam. An IntelliCoil Micro HD Layer stretched across the mattress provides long-lasting, adaptive support while sleeping, suiting all the styles. Its AirVent ventilated coil system also prevents any heat buildup, ensuring a calm sleep.

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Reserve Hepburn Plush Features:

Plush | Comfort Rating: 5

16″ Profile (Mattress Height)

Navy Upholstery-Grade Velvet Exterior

Indulge HD Memory Foam
– Higher-Desity Memory Foam
– Provides An Elevated Feel
– Ensures Comfort & Premium Pressure Relief

IntelliCoil Technology

IntelliCoil Micro HD Layer
– Ensures Long Lasting Support Across the Entire Mattress

IntelliCoil HD Design
– More Adaptive Support For Any Sleeping Styles

AirVent System
– Ventilated Coil System Working w/ External Air Vents
– Helps to Prevent Heat Buildup in the Mattress
– Ensures A Cool Sleep

Premium Design & Detailing
– Copper Air Vents
– Velvet Inset Handles
– Embroidery

Adjustable Base Friendly

Certipur-US Approved

Stearns and Foster Reserve Hepburn™ Plush Mattress


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