Sealy Golden Elegance Etherial Gold Firm Mattress


  • Designed and assembled in the USA
  • Firm Support with a Cushion Firm Comfort, Tight Top
  • Mid loft Knit Cover: Durable knit fabric with ultra-stretchable, spun yarns for a soft, comforting feel at the surface.
  • Quilt: FlameGuard™ fibers, 2” x 0.5” of SealyComfort™ soft foam, and a CoreSupport Center with 0.5” SealyComfort™ gel foam.
  • FlameGuard™ Fiber (Quilt): A combination of Sealy fibers and Rayon-based fibers uses non-toxic technology to create a fire barrier.
  • SealyComfort™ Foam (Quilt): A high-quality, responsive foam with varying comfort levels, including soft and gel-infused.
  • CoreSupport Center (Quilt): An exclusive feature with gel memory foam providing reinforcement and additional support to the center third of the mattress.
  • SealySupport™ Firm Foam (Comfort Layer): 2” of a high-quality, firmer foam offering a more supportive feel.
  • Support Layers: Sealy Stability™ Coil innerspring system, 1” SealySupport™ firm foam at the base, and StableEdge™ perimeter reinforcement.
  • Sealy Stability™ Coils (Support Layer): Encased coil innerspring system provides strong, durable support and minimizes motion transfer.
  • StableEdge™ Pro System (Edge Support): Provides strength to the mattress border for stable, consistent seating and an extended sleep surface.
  • Includes 4 vertical handles that allow easy movement and positioning of the mattress.
  • Made with 100% CertiPUR-US® certified flexible polyurethane foam without harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and toxins.
  • Mattress Height: Approx. 12.5”
  • Adjustable friendly innerspring mattress
  • Give your sleep surface extra cushioning plus a waterproof barrier by adding
  • Warranty: 10 year limited
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Offering the gold standard in sleep performance, Sealy’s Etherial Gold cushion firm mattress from the Golden Elegance® series combines the latest technology for ultimate support. A stretch-knit cover and layers of soft SealyComfort™ foam create a cushioning feel at the surface. The exclusive CoreSupport Center and gel-infused foam upgrade the design by reinforcing the center third where you need it most. Enhancing pushback, firm foam at the comfort layer contributes to a higher level of resistance. Simultaneously, Sealy Stability™ encased coils and a StableEdge™ perimeter strengthens this firm innerspring mattress with a personalized feel and lasting durability.

Sealy Golden Elegance Etherial Gold Firm Mattress


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