Bed Gear S3 Sport Firm


The S3 Sport has a total of 10 inches of comfort. It has 1.5” of ventilated React support. S3 has 8.5” of ventilated React® material core. S3 has aqua blue piping around the mattress. It has the firmest feel of the collection.

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The all-white S mattresses are a luxurious sporty collection providing cross-ventilation for maximum breathability. This collection consists of three models with distinct comfort and support.

Quarter-inch-diameter holes are drilled vertically top to bottom throughout the mattresses to ensure continuous airflow and a healthy and clean sleep environment. BEDGEAR’s Ver-Tex® instant-cooling cover and breathable mesh side panels help reduce sweat and heat buildup. The fashionable S mattresses have a large, elegant BEDGEAR logo knitted down the center along with an S-shaped fluid pattern.

Bed Gear S3 Sport Firm


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